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Posts tagged as “SQL”

Row Level Security – K2 and SQL ServiceBroker


After release of Microsoft SQL Server 2016, Microsoft added a feature, which is called Row-Level Security. It allows users to control row permissions in a database table based on the characteristics of the user executing a query (for example, group membership or execution context). In this article I will try to describe the approach you can take to use Row Level Security with K2 and SQL ServiceBroker, when building K2 applications.

Dynamic Email Templates in K2 Workflow (SQL Based)


Making dynamic Email Templates is a frequent requirement from many customers. The idea is to be able to change the email subject and body without redeploying the workflow. There are a lot of different ways how you can implement this. In this post I will show how dynamic email templating functionality can be achieved with the help of several tables and a stored procedures in SQL. I deem this approach as a very useful one for those applications/projects, where most of the data is stored in the SQL Database.

Загрузка файлов в таблицу SQL с помощью К2


В этой публикации я постараюсь рассказать об интересной особенности К2 SmartForms, с помощью которой можно изменять смартобъекты К2, тем самым позволяя сохранять файлы в обычной таблице SQL. Когда вы создаете…