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Posts tagged as “K2 SmartForms”

K2 Smartforms: Rich Text Control with dynamic height


The customer approached me with the following requirement: “Rich Text control should change height dynamically and adjust to the content so that there is no vertical scrollbar.” Below you will…

Copy/pasting from Excel into the Smartforms List View


There are a lot of requirements where customers would like to transfer data from an Excel sheet into a K2 List View. Moreover, most of the requirements emphasize the necessity…

How to place a view above tabs in Smartforms


When you develop your application correctly, you should reuse web-parts and other components. Header and Footer views are one of those. So it would be great to place a view above tabs in Smartforms. Because on a form with several tabs and you want each tab to look alike. Therefore, you have place the Header on each tab and moreover, fill it with some data, which is redundant. Or you can use a bit of JavaScript...

Exporting K2 SmartForms List View to Excel


In the video below I am showing how you can configure export of the K2 SmartForms List View to Excel or any other format available in SSRS.For more details on…

Изменение размера модального окна SmartForms в SharePoint 2013


Возможно, будет инетерсно тем, кто использует СмартФормы в SharePoint 2013.Как вам известно, формы создания, просмотра и редактирования в SharePoint 2013 можно заменить на смартформы, которые при определенных стилях почти не…