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Posts tagged as “JQUERY”

Changing view background in K2 Smartforms


Changing a view background in K2 Smartforms is not available out of the box. Moreover, if you need to create a reusable component with the new background, which you can then reuse across one or multiple applications. Here I will quickly explain, how you can change view background in K2 Smartforms with the help of JavaScript. Please, refer to the post How to add JavaScript on Smartforms, if certain steps are not clear.

K2 Smartforms: How to make Textarea resizable


By default Textareas have static width and height. But with a piece of code you can make it resizable: You need to do the following: Add a textarea onto your…

K2 Smartforms: Rich Text Control with dynamic height


The customer approached me with the following requirement: “Rich Text control should change height dynamically and adjust to the content so that there is no vertical scrollbar.” Below you will…

Hamburger menu instead of standard tabs


Below you can find a piece of code, which can be used to turn the standard panel menu into a hamburger one when you open the form on a mobile…

Выделение нескольких элементов в ListView


В смартформах пока что еще не предусмотрен функционал выделения нескольких элементов в представлении списка. Особенно очень часто полезным бывает именно использование чек-боксов. Я покажу, как можно с помощью javascript и…