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Posts tagged as “Javascript”

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Various preferences of customers define the layout of their forms. Some prefer the forms with tabs, others – everything on one page. Quite often you can have big forms and…

Custom Control vs JavaScript Injection


K2 Smartofrms is a designer of user interfaces. It helps you build forms for applications of various complexity. Even though there are a lot of standard components, events, actions, themes, we do not fully control the Document Object Model (DOM). That is produced by the K2 Smartforms engine. But what if we need something non-standard? What if we need to exceed the limits?

K2 Smartforms: Rich Text Control with dynamic height


The customer approached me with the following requirement: “Rich Text control should change height dynamically and adjust to the content so that there is no vertical scrollbar.” Below you will…

How to place a view above tabs in Smartforms


When you develop your application correctly, you should reuse web-parts and other components. Header and Footer views are one of those. So it would be great to place a view above tabs in Smartforms. Because on a form with several tabs and you want each tab to look alike. Therefore, you have place the Header on each tab and moreover, fill it with some data, which is redundant. Or you can use a bit of JavaScript...

Выделение нескольких элементов в ListView


В смартформах пока что еще не предусмотрен функционал выделения нескольких элементов в представлении списка. Особенно очень часто полезным бывает именно использование чек-боксов. Я покажу, как можно с помощью javascript и…