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Email Template ServiceBroker


One of the most frequent requirements when developing a workflow is to be able to send email notifications. K2 Blackpearl allows you to configure various email templates, but when you have to change the placeholders inside the templates, you need to redeploy the workflow in most of the cases. It is really annoying! That is why I decided to create the following ServiceBroker.


The ServiceBroker provides functionality to enable dynamic Email Templating inside K2 Worklfows. The idea of the Broker is to change Email/Task Notifications inside the workflows without the necessity to redeploy them. There are 2 options how the placeholders in the Email Subject/Body can be replaced with values at runtime:

  • via static values, mapped during the workflow design;
  • via dynamic list of placeholders/parameters, obtained from the mapped SmartObject, accompanied by the ADO.NET queries, which are carried out at runtime.

The full code with Releases as well as User Manual with the explanation how to install it and use it, can be found via the following link – Email Template ServiceBroker.

You are all welcome to contribute as well as log bugs and issues.

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