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Deployment of SSRS Reports with PowerShell


Quite often I need to deploy the SSRS reports to the production environment. Usually, there isn’t any Visual Studio installed there, so I constantly have to upload reports files manually through the Report Manager web application.
In order to avoid this I created a simple PowerShell script, which deploys all the Report files to the SSRS server.

The SourceCode of the script can be found on my GitHub Repo.

This script deploys all reports specified in a CSV file. The structure of csv file is pretty much simple:

  • RDLFileName (eg. MyReport.rdl);
  • TargetReportFolder (eg. MyProjectreports);
  • ReportName (eg. MyReportName);

A deployment file is needed in a csv format, and it must be in the same directory as directory report files. When running the script, you can specify the following parameters:

  • -SourceDirectory – where all Reports and CSV files are stored (Default Value – current directory of the script);
  • -DeploymentFileName – the name of the CSV file (Default Value – ListOfReports);
  • -ReportServername – the host name of your Reporting Services Web Service URL (Default Value – localhost)
PS. Later on I will also add deployment of DataSources and DataSets. Meanwhile, I do not need them cause the DataSets are embedded into my reports and DataSources are configured only once and then reused!
PPS. The PowerShell project will be updated with new scripts, so keep track….

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